May 17th - Day 29

A trip to Wembley Stadium today to see Cambridge United take on Torquay United in a battle to secure a place in the Football League and surely, I thought, a shoe-in regarding songs and chants. Maybe the tension of the high-stakes situation got to the fans, but when, following their opening goal just after the half hour, the Torquay fans tormented their Cambridge counterparts with "You're not singing any more", so little attempts to burst into song had either fans made up to this point, it seemed to be delivered with a commendable sense of collective irony. By the way, according to Wikipedia, the words to "You're not singing any more." are "You're not singing, You're not singing, You're not singing any more, You're not sinnnngggginggg any more." Sung to the tune of "Bread of Heaven". The photo shows Cambridge United fans not singing any more.

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