May 10th - Day 22

East Dulwich Goose Green Fair, 11-4.

Live Music (and other things). Hurray.

Under 9s football kick off, 12.30. Bollocks.

In Bexleyheath. Bollocks.

Get to the fair at 2.30, two children and their Grandma in my slipstream.

Music on a PA. Hurray.

The green cluttered with people and trestle tables laden with the wares of East Dulwich (olives, ethnic cushions...that kind of thing). Pushing through. Daisy on my shoulders. Oliver wants to go on the bouncy castle.

An empty stage with nobody on it. A dj. Bollocks. "Live music's finished".

Daisy wants to go on the bollocks bouncy castle. There's a massive queue. Oliver wants a bastard ice cream. Grandma wants a spinach tart. Daisy wants to go on a donkey.

Are they singing donkeys? No. They just walk up and down don't they. And children sit on them. They can neither sing nor play a musical instrument. Daisy queues for a donkey with Grandma.

Oliver and I eat free cheese. We walk back to the talentless donkey queue. Past a white tent.

I hear singing...or chanting..."Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo...Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo"...

That'll do.

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