April 28th - Day 10

This whole idea is feeling a bit bananas today. First test of nerve ten days in. The boy's ill again so daytime music is out. However I should have time to catch a band called Mescal Circus tonight, who intriguingly incorporate live painting into their shows, but tomorrow's going to be a squash. I could hang around town till after midnight tonight and hope to catch tomorrow's act then. Or is that cheating? Friday's looking tough too.

I ended up going to Hootananny in Brixton and listening to the mellow blues of Nelson King, and the sound check of Benjamin Thomas, and was back home by ten.

2015 update - Nelson King still gigging - down by the sea at St Leonards last night (August 2nd). Benjamin Folke Thomas's star has risen since 2009 - he's about to set off on tour, mainly Germany and England, London's venue being The Union Chapel. He also has three acclaimed albums under his belt.



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