April 26th - Day 8

My third day in a row of working my new musical adventure around full-time childcare coincided with The London Marathon, which was a good thing. The route was lined with live musical entertainment of many sorts.

I chose to take the kids to the Rotherhithe Roundabout to see the South London Jazz Orchestra. We got there just before the leading men dashed through, but within half an hour the road was chocked full of people who weren't running quite as first and we could hardly see the Orchestra at all, so we watched the runners instead.

We were there for an hour and the SLJO played Glenn Miller and other numbers from the swing era the whole time and I guess they played more of the same for several hours after. According to their website they are a "group of dedicated musicians from many different backgrounds and of a wide range of ages. The principal aim of SLJO is to promote jazz music in the community and have as much fun as possible while doing so."

2014 - 5 years on - SLJO were back at the London Marathon (albeit a couple of weeks earlier).

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